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What’s good fans, friends, and people I have yet to meet.

As I sit in the studio reading over all my social networking websites
(Facebook, Twitter, My YouTube channel, etc.) lately I’ve seen nothing but
complaints about “HATERS”. Now it’s very easy to say “we all
have haters”, I guess that would have to be true to some extent, but hold
on a second…I realized that half my friends are artist of some sort who put
their work out there to the public to be seen/”judged”. Now the other
half are friends, family, people I’ve met through my travels and just some good
every day hard working people. But the complaints I am seeing are one in the
same: “HATERS”. Now with that in mind….Have you ever read a Facebook
post and for whatever reason assumed the person was talk sh*t about you?!?!
I’ll be the first to say, “I have”. Have you ever caught yourself
openly hating on someone for no reason? Think about it for a second…and may
it be anyone…your friend at school, your neighbor (for having a bigger
house), or even LeBron James for instance for going to the Miami Heat. Once again,
I have to say “I have”.

Dealing with people in general is not an easy thing, nor something
taught by our teachers and rarely taught by our parents. Needless to say, we
are all guilty of not being that “perfect” person we see ourselves
as…But when does the hate stop and the “asshole” begin? That
question led me to run a standard “Google” search on “Define:
Haters”. I clicked the first link and it took me directly to the urban
dictionary which had a bunch of different definitions. Go figure right….I
guess love has a bunch a definitions why wouldn’t “Hate”. I would
love to hear what your thoughts on a hater are….

But with that in mind where are all the lovers? Like Jay-Z song
says in the chorus “aint no love in the heart of the city”….? Where has
it gone? Or is it still alive….? I see it like this, as people we are all in
a relationship with one another. A relationship which “deserves” to be
built off unconditional love. We all affect each other. We have been raised to
believe that the world will always need balance. Good & Evil, The Ying
& Yang, but must we know hate to feel love?

Mic Nice

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