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  1. micnice says:

    Mic Nice is a hip hop artist born and raised in the streets of New York City. Music was not always his passion growing up as a child, I would have to say music choose him.
    Born in Brooklyn, raised in downtown Manhattan, Mic Nice has not always had it easy growing up. Raised by his grandparents throughout the rough drug scene of the 80’s, Mic Nice has managed to always overcome all obstacles.
    With the exception of any sport, acting was his first passion. He was given an opportunity to be a part of one of NY’s only teen-theater company: “24/7” (where the actors wrote their own scripts/monologues) which led to several appearances on the PBS TV show “In The Mix”. Co-hosting alongside with Erika Christensen (from the movie traffic) and appearing in a few scenes of the movie “Fresh”. With all the success coming in from that industry, it never seemed to satisfy his thirst for life….Not until he found poetry.
    Mic Nice did not arrive to us like Christ as the savior of hip hop, nor did he build his “Rome” in a day. He found himself safe and at peace with the written word. Any note pad, note book, school book, or even napkin that had any free space on it…would soon be covered up with his words. Any cafe’, open mic, or school rally would soon be consumed with the thoughts, wonders, and his view of life…it became his everything.
    The only problem was his heart…He would write endlessly till pencils broke, till pens ran dry of ink, till the hours lapped each other…But his heart was missing something…
    That something his heart was missing was a beat….and ever since he put his writings to a beat it’s been the most refreshing words from hip hop, since we used to purchase CD’s.
    ESPN has used several records of Mic Nice for their “NBA plays of the Year segment”. He has appeared on Miami Music TV (which aired on ABC), along with performing throughout the entire east coast. His stages presence is like no other artist and most say that’s due to his acting experience, however I disagree. Having had the privilege of seeing him perform, everything seems some pure, so natural…Such a gift he will be to an unforgiving industry such as hip-hop.

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