Are you the “HATER”?

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What’s good fans, friends, and people I have yet to meet.

As I sit in the studio reading over all my social networking websites
(Facebook, Twitter, My YouTube channel, etc.) lately I’ve seen nothing but
complaints about “HATERS”. Now it’s very easy to say “we all
have haters”, I guess that would have to be true to some extent, but hold
on a second…I realized that half my friends are artist of some sort who put
their work out there to the public to be seen/”judged”. Now the other
half are friends, family, people I’ve met through my travels and just some good
every day hard working people. But the complaints I am seeing are one in the
same: “HATERS”. Now with that in mind….Have you ever read a Facebook
post and for whatever reason assumed the person was talk sh*t about you?!?!
I’ll be the first to say, “I have”. Have you ever caught yourself
openly hating on someone for no reason? Think about it for a second…and may
it be anyone…your friend at school, your neighbor (for having a bigger
house), or even LeBron James for instance for going to the Miami Heat. Once again,
I have to say “I have”.

Dealing with people in general is not an easy thing, nor something
taught by our teachers and rarely taught by our parents. Needless to say, we
are all guilty of not being that “perfect” person we see ourselves
as…But when does the hate stop and the “asshole” begin? That
question led me to run a standard “Google” search on “Define:
Haters”. I clicked the first link and it took me directly to the urban
dictionary which had a bunch of different definitions. Go figure right….I
guess love has a bunch a definitions why wouldn’t “Hate”. I would
love to hear what your thoughts on a hater are….

But with that in mind where are all the lovers? Like Jay-Z song
says in the chorus “aint no love in the heart of the city”….? Where has
it gone? Or is it still alive….? I see it like this, as people we are all in
a relationship with one another. A relationship which “deserves” to be
built off unconditional love. We all affect each other. We have been raised to
believe that the world will always need balance. Good & Evil, The Ying
& Yang, but must we know hate to feel love?

Mic Nice

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  1. SK1000 says:

    I have to agree with you, that’s what we need, some fuckin love yo, no homo. Let’s start here, show some love, like the page (this blog, Facebook, twitter etc.), leave a comment, and share this with some friends……


  2. Gio Lopez says:

    True shit my boy… But in truth its wouldnt be hate u need 2 kno 2 kno love. Cuz tha opposites in tha spectrum is love and fear. Love being an understanding of or if not a willingness 2 understand. Fear being tha opposite. Man fears what they dont understand. Hate only being a manifestation of that fear… Wise words tho my boy. We in a society trained by tha media to hate. Unplug ur tvs and radio and plug in ur minds and hearts. We can go far but only as far as we willin 2 go

    • micnice says:

      Very enlightening Gio!!! I appreciate the feed back. I believe the youth has yet to see a society built off love. Things are definitely changing, and unless we all come together and support each other….we’re going in the wrong direction!

  3. dayone10 says:

    Im glad you brought up the variety of definitions that could be applied to the term. I think therein lies a crucial element of the conversation. Are you a hater because you don’t like something or appreciate it? We all have different taste so I would be conservative in applying the term to this instance. Is it when people offer a critical opinion on something that they were not asked too? Once you put a thought, piece of art, etc, into the public forum it’s open season in my opinion-putting it out there is “asking for it.”

    I usually look at how someone responds to negativity.–If someone resorts to calling that person a “hater,” right away, they may be displaying a good amount of insecurity. Sure there are instances when people automatically approach the work and success of others with negativity. Some of us have been conditioned through failure, or fear, or socio-economic realities and influences to do so, but in truth, its less about them wanting you to fail as it is about their are own insecurities or shame. Many are afraid of something in themselves. That something might simply be that they have not been able to move past certain walls erected within that hold them back from producing and succeeding as well. The negative mind is a powerful part of the unconscious and the unconscious is just that: unconscious. If being a hater is not a conscious act, does that make you more of a hater or less?

    I appreciated you reminding us that we are all complicated beings. We don’t always understand why we act the way we do, and feel the way we do. With this in mind I think that the real question is not what makes a hater, but rather, are there even haters, or just people, trying to make it through a very complicated life? And also, how do others hear, process, and deal with criticism?

    Still, if I was forced into a corner, I would say that Humans are the real haters. All of us… Though we do not always mean to be. We are insecure, because our brains are big enough that we question our place in life(whereas other species know it instinctively), but never get a concrete answer. This constant questioning on both micro and macro, and conscious and subconscious levels gives the ego a lot of room to work its mischief, including creating, ignoring and perpetuating the process of the complete destruction of our home planet. Thats hate kid!

  4. micnice says:

    I agree nearly 100% with you Dayone. I feel the insurities definitely drive us to do some shameful things. Needless to say I feel we have been conditioned to feel certain ways about certain things. Not until we start using the TV’s, radio’s, and internet for useful tools oppose to harmful brain candy, will we be going in the right direction. I think everyday joe’s are capable of being the “hater” however when do we all take accountability for that? We are all brothers? all sisters? or only sometimes?

  5. Casper says:

    There are different types of haters, some more justified than others, at least in my mind.

    First, you have your average hater, who hates because he or she is jealous of someone else´s success or prowess, be it in whatever field or arena. The common theme there is a form of jealously spurred by a feeling of oneself not having accomplished anything. Often times, these are the people (I´ve done it too) who openly hate on anyone and anything, and claim they can do the same things, if given the opportunity, but since the world is such an unfair place, they will never be given one, in their minds. Truth being, the opportunity comes to those who actually go out there and fight for things.

    Second, you have a more justified version of the hater, in someone who harbors a bit of knowledge about a subject, and feels that what is presented is not of great quality. Usually these are the people who manage to constructively criticize, without offending, or subjectively judging what they see without knowledge of the subject. This really is not hate, but by someone with a low self-esteem, it will be perceived as such, and the response will be a defensive one.

    This duality exists, because there are people on both ends of the hate, ranging from overconfident to completely lacking any confidence. People with low self-esteem tend to hate more often, and at the same time register constructive criticism towards themselves as hate, while people with self confidence normally do not hate, and do not get defensive when hated on.

    I often ask myself, what makes someone a hater, and the common theme that I´ve recognized is that when you don´t feel good about yourself, you normally don´t want others to feel good about themselves, so you let them have it. I´ve let many people have it throughout the years, and I´ve even been guilty of hating on the very person who wrote this initial blog, Mr Mic Nice. I hated on him, because in spite of being very popular in other arenas, I could not write or rap like him. Then, I realized that hating would not help anyone, so I actually started working on my own music. 6-7 years later, I am beginning to understand that maybe I have every reason to be confident, and I love my brother Mic Nice, because he was one of the people who taught me how to rap and write. He was one of the people who opened my eyes to what was going on in the world, and I hope that once he reads this, he is proud to remember all the conversations we had back in the day. I know I am. Most of all, I hope he makes it big time, so I can say, I know that guy, he´s the real deal.

    • micnice says:

      Casper, well said my man!!! You hit some pretty key issues. I hope everyone takes a moment to read what you had to say. We’ve both come a long way as man, yet alone as artist. I’ve very proud of all the accomplishments we have made and are yet to make. The memories we made in Ursinus College as well as Brooklyn….could never be replaced homie…i think about them often. See you at the top!

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